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P30X022XF PBW022XF Water Tech Pool Blaster Xtreme Multilayer Filter Bag for Max, Catfish Ultra, iVac 250, iVac C2, Volt FX 4

P30X022XF / PBW022XF-X-Treme Multilayer Filter Bag- FITS PB MAX, MAX–CG (Gen1), CF-ULTRA, FX-4, IVAC 250

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  • 5
    Filter bag

    Posted by Cierra Weitkamp on 6th Aug 2020

    Absolutely love this. Best filter ever made, literally catches everything including dirt and algae.

  • 5

    Posted by Cindy on 31st Jul 2020

    It works 100 times better than the silky fabric filters that bunch up!!

  • 5
    Filter Bag

    Posted by Daniel Sang on 30th Jul 2020

    Holds dirt and dose not come out through it, and back in the pool. Had one years ago for first blaster max that I had for 7 years. Needed a new one that I use all the time, for my 2nd blaster. Will only buy pool blaster vacs.

  • 5

    Posted by Bill Ennis on 9th Jul 2020

    great product. picks up not only bigger items, but also the sand and silt as advertised. Highly recommend this filter bag.

  • 5

    Posted by Nancy Manzie on 17th Jun 2020

    As voiced by others - this version is a big step up from the original bag. Well done watertech!

  • 5

    Posted by Num1Stunner on 15th Jun 2020

    My first filter cracked after 4 years. This replacement was just what I needed. Very nice product! Caught all the bottom sand in my pool easily! Very happy with this product!

  • 5

    Posted by Debbie on 24th May 2020

    Sooo glad I ordered it! It works tons better than the filter that came with the vacuum!

  • 5
    very efficient at picking up the smallest debris

    Posted by francis x powers on 10th Aug 2019

    seems as good as original filter bag

  • 5
    Multilayer filter bag

    Posted by Linda Goodman on 15th Jul 2019

    Great item.

  • 5
    Excellent filtration

    Posted by Michael Smith on 5th Jun 2019

    For starters, the Pool Blaster is a GREAT little work horse that does a super job on collecting all sorts of filth off of my pool bottom from leaves and tree “twirlers” to dirt, including very fine grit and sandy particulate. This filter’s sturdy material traps the tiniest dirt particles. It is amazing what you find when you clean the filter after vacuuming. Couldn’t be happier with the product!

  • 4
    P30X022XF / PBW022XF-X-Treme Multilayer Filter Bag

    Posted by Anna on 18th May 2019

    Good product. Sturdy, does not fall apart when rinsing and cleaning. Dense, collects very small particles. Could be improved if it were 1-2" longer. Good fit for my Max-Li, better than the bag it shipped with.

  • 5
    multilayer filter bag for Pool blastr

    Posted by on 2nd Jul 2018

    Have had blaster for 5 yrs and this is the best bag ever invented, catching very fine sand etc. netting can't begin to retain the debris.