Pool Blaster LongerArm Swimming Pool Accessory for Cleaning Pool Walls

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KEEP POOL WALLS LIKE NEW: Prevent Scale, Stains, Harmful Debris and Etching by regular brushing and maintenance.

BRUSHING WITH MORE POWER: Wall brushing accessory helps to keep your pool brush firmly against the pool wall providing superior wall cleaning performance with half the effort (pool brush and pool pole not included).

FULCRUM LEVERAGE: Patented design helps make wall brushing a breeze!

EASY WALL CLEANING: LongerArm makes the physically intensive chore - pool wall brushing – less strenuous, easier, and faster. No batteries needed, simple streamlined design to make brushing easier. It is highly effective even when used with one hand.

UNIVERSAL: Compatible with any standard pool pole and pool brush combination (pool brush and pool pole not included).

PRECISE EFFECTIVE BRUSHING: Minimizes twisting, turning, and bending of the pole and brush. Unlike conventional ways of brushing, allows for cleaning in two directions – push and pull strokes – to thoroughly clean all bumps, crevices, and any other uneven surfaces in your inground pool.

EASY TO USE: Slide the LongerArm over pool pole with a scrub brush and stand on it to keep in place. The smooth and slippery ring of the LongerArm allows the pole to move up and down against the wall easily while creating higher brush pressure with less effort.

HIGHLY DURABLE: Designed of quality materials to be lightweight but rugged to last multiple pool seasons.

ECONOMICAL POOL MAINTENANCE: Regular pool wall cleaning with LongerArm helps to cut down on expensive chemicals.


Product Summary:

Experience the power of leverage with LongerArm Pool Wall Brushing Fulcrum, designed to thoroughly clean your pool walls with ease and effective results! The LongerArm tool is perfect for pool enthusiasts who cherish spending quality time in their clean, clear swimming pool with loved ones. This swimming pool maintenance tool ensures consistent and precise brush contact throughout the entire stroke, maximizing cleaning efficiency. Unlike conventional pool cleaning tools, LongerArm allows superior wall brushing during both push and pull strokes, smoothly removing grime and residue for a crystal-clear swimming experience. Adding to its unique features, LongerArm comfortably accommodates all standard pool brush poles – simply slide your brush pole through the hole at the top of the LongerArm, stand on its ergonomically contoured surface, and enjoy effortless pool maintenance. No twisting or bending is necessary, ensuring you experience minimal body strain and maximum cleaning impact. The beauty of LongerArm lies in its simplicity – you can effectively brush your pool walls with one hand while holding a refreshing drink in the other, making pool maintenance sessions easy and even relaxing. With LongerArm, the water in your swimming pool will twinkle, the walls will be smoother and dirt-free, offering everyone the best, cleanest swimming experience. Choose LongerArm for an easier, more efficient pathway to a spotless, shimmering pool. Key Features: Lesser effort with enhanced results; enables precise brush contact and control; compatible with all standard pool poles; minimized twisting and bending for user-comfort, facilitates superior brushing in both push and pull movements. Pool brush and pool pole are not included.

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