12A0000-AMS Aquarium Cleaner

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Pool Blaster
Cleaner Type:
Aquarium Cleaning

Water Tech, Aquarium Maintenance System, Water Filtration, Sand/Gravel Washer, Water Changer


Designed and Engineered in the United States by Water Tech. Water Tech has won numerous awards for its Pool Blaster Battery powered pool cleaners that are used to cleans pools, ponds and large fish tanks around the world. Water Tech knows how to vacuum under water and have used 17 years of technological know-how to deliver this breakthrough patented product. The vacuum has an adjustment knob that allows you to control the vacuum power so you can clean fine sand/gravel or can clean heavy gravel or rocks.


-Safe Battery Powered, not plugged into an outlet

-Easy to Use-Does not need Hoses or Buckets

-Fully Submerge works in depth of 5 inches to 15 feet

-Extends time between water changes

-Adjustable Strong Vacuum Suction

-For use in all Aquarium Sizes

-Includes Aquarium Hose Siphon to remove water without requiring a complete water change

-Unique 2 Stage Micro-Filter can remove the finest of debris

- Patented Micro-Filter can hold Activated Carbon to remove Organic Pollutants, Odors, and Toxins while you Vacuum

-No Assembly Required

-1 Year limited warranty

This vacuum was designed from years of experience and can-do things the other vacuums on the market can not do. Can be used with fine sand, fine gravel, soil, very heavy excrement and large stones. Designed for small to large aquariums, for fresh water or saltwater aquariums.


*Requires 3 “C” cell batteries

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