P30X022MF / PBW022MF-Microfilter Bag 5 pack for Aqua Broom, Aqua Broom Ultra, Catfish, Catfish Ultra, Fusion PV-5, Hydro 100, iVac 250, iVac C2, Max, Max CG, Max HD, Millennium, Volt FX-4, Volt FX-8

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Pool Blaster, Volt
Cleaner Type:
Cordless Pool & Spa Vacuums

P30X022MF -Micro Filter Bags - 5 PK (Use w/ Aqua Broom, Aqua Broom Ultra, Catfish, Catfish Li, Catfish Ultra, Catfish Li Ultra, IVAC 250, IVAC 250 Li, Volt FX-4, Volt FX-4Li,  Max, Max Li, Max CG, Max Li CG, Max HD, Max

Formally PBW022MF

 Need help in choosing the correct filter for your needs?
Certain filter bags are used for different types of debris or sand and silt.  Here is the comparison guide to assist you.