Pool Blaster Pool Pouch - Pool Float Storage Organizer for Toys, Balls, Patio Accessories, 60" Long

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Pool Blaster
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Pool Accessories


Pool Toy Accessory


Store all Pool, Patios and Backyard Accessories

Versatile pool organizer for floats, balls, inflatable toys, patio accessories and more. The Durable Honeycomb Stitched construction make it ideal for attaching to pool sides, fences or to set-up as free-standing.


Convenient: Durable, lightweight and practical storage for all pool, patio and backyard accessories, small toys, beach balls, inflatable rafts, etc.

Large Storage: Pool Blaster Pool Pouch measures at 60” for excellent space management around the swimming pool.

Durable: Reinforced straps and mesh seams make the Pool Blaster Pool Pouch durable for multiple seasons and uses.

Easy Install: Easy attaches to Fences, Above Ground Pool Coping or Free Standing.

Portable: Can be used at home by the swimming pool or on-the-go at the beach or playground.

What's Included: 60" wide collapsible mesh Pool Pouch.



pool-blaster-pool-pouch-mesh-pool-float-storage-bag-for-toys-rafts-equipment-accessories-mounted.jpg pool-blaster-pool-pouch-mesh-pool-float-storage-bag-for-toys-rafts-equipment-accessories-durable.jpg pool-blaster-pool-pouch-mesh-pool-float-storage-bag-for-toys-rafts-equipment-accessories-extra-large.jpg


Keeps all your floats, inflatable toys, beach balls rafts, and backyard accessories organized.



Reinforced seams, durable straps, high-quality mesh, and reinforced internal frame for multiple summer seasons.



60” wide collapsible pool storage pouch made with durable elastic mesh.


pool-blaster-pool-pouch-mesh-pool-float-storage-bag-for-toys-rafts-equipment-accessories-large.jpg pool-blaster-pool-pouch-mesh-pool-float-storage-bag-for-toys-rafts-equipment-accessories-portable.jpg pool-blaster-pool-pouch-breathable-mesh-pool-float-storage-bag-for-toys-rafts-equipment-accessories.jpg

Side Pocket

Exterior pocket for convenient storing and organizing of smaller toys and accessories.



Carrying handle and free-standing design for trips to the beach, lake, or playground.


Helps toys to dry out quickly and prevents mold growth.